Four of the families we work with have chosen to share their experiences of working with Home-Start Barnet, Brent and Harrow online. Read their stories here and get a taste of the transformation this partnership can bring.

Families’ Stories

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CP and son Alex - “I am currently receiving help from Home-Start Barnet...."

CP and son

“I am currently receiving help from Home-Start Barnet. Before receiving the help I was very stuck, vulnerable, deeply depressed and did not know how to get out of my situation. However, since receiving the help from Home-Start I can see the light at the end of an otherwise very dark tunnel. I have got help with housing, debt, food, clothes, a washing machine and many other areas of my life, including de-cluttering my home. I am currently attending the group for women who have suffered domestic violence and this is helping me such a lot.”

“My son and I feel less vulnerable because we know that the help is there. I am feeling a lot happier and stronger within myself and this is down to the help and support that I receive from S, Home Start, and E the coach who helps me every week.”

“I cannot thank you enough; my life feels like it is now going in the right direction.”

Sam - “Home-Start has made a difference to my life and has supported me invaluably...."


“Home-Start has made a difference to my life and has supported me invaluably. I am a mother of a one-year-old girl and was in my fifth month of pregnancy. My husband and I had also separated.”

“My volunteer has encouraged and guided me to fill out forms for benefits that I am now entitled to – her presence has played a huge role in helping me to begin to gain my self-confidence back. We attended a playgroup, which has been extremely beneficial for my daughter, and which we will continue to attend. My daughter enjoyed herself in a way she otherwise wouldn’t have experienced. We took her on a spontaneous, unplanned trip to the park – a joyful experience that my volunteer helped us to achieve.”

“My volunteer has provided me with someone to look forward to seeing every week…someone to aid me in various difficulties that perhaps on my own would have been a hurdle too exhausting to overcome. She listens, talks, laughs and plays with my daughter and I, leaving us feeling content and eager to see her again.”

“I find myself being able to turn towards her for guidance on personal issues such as discussing my difficulty in accepting my separation and being without my husband during this pregnancy. Although she does not advise me or tell me what to do, often an ear is all we need at such times. Also, she leaves me with a sense of mental strength and wellbeing.”

“Thank you for all your support”

Elizabeth - “Broken, rejected and overwhelmed..."


“Broken, rejected and overwhelmed, there I was, life having dealt me a bad blow.  A woman with low self esteem, no self worth, no confidence or even a reason to go on any more. Lonely, depressed and forgotten by society, left hanging with three little children. To my amazement, a lifeline was given to me, a ray of sunshine and a glimmer of hope.

“This came in the form of a Home-Start volunteer. I thought, ‘What have I got to lose, let me give this a go.’ Goodness, my life has never been the same again. My Home-Start volunteer has been my rock, she believed in me and encouraged me. She listened to me and she has been a shoulder for me to cry on. She saw the good in me and let me understand that it would get better.

“As a result, my self esteem began rising and I started getting strength to do the things that I couldn’t do before. I started to live again instead of just existing. Thank you Lucy (volunteer), and thank you to Harriet (Home-Start coordinator). Thank you for all you have done for us – the trips, the support. We do appreciate you, Home-Start. I would therefore encourage anyone out there who might feel overwhelmed by life’s situations to give Home-Start a try, because life really starts with Home-Start.”

Anonymous - “Home-Start has been a real life-saver for me...."


“Home-Start has been a real life-saver for me.  Since being supported by my volunteer I have gained confidence in myself both as a parent and as a person.  I am so pleased with everything they have helped me with.  The staff and volunteers are always kind, caring and understanding. Since I started volunteering at ‘The Loft’ my confidence has sky-rocketed.

“I enjoy working the till and meeting the customers.  Pricing the items and sorting the donations has given me new experiences that I will be forever grateful for.  The Managers and other volunteers have been so kind and welcoming and I felt at ease immediately.”

Volunteer Stories

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