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Corporate Partners

Why partner with us?

We can help you give time to your local community.

Time is a resource that many of us are short of. We can provide the time these families need and your support can help make that work possible.

We can also provide volunteering opportunities for your staff as part of our partnership. 

Increased customer loyalty.

Current market research into consumer trends shows customers are more likely to use companies that are committed to making the world a better place.

As a grassroots charity in your community, partnering with us offers your organisation a unique opportunity to show your customers how you directly support local families during their most challenging times. 

Increased brand visibility in the London market.

Along with being well-connected within our local communities, we are also a member of the Home-Start London consortium.

This network of local Home-Starts cover 24 of the capital’s 32 boroughs. Partnering with us will offer opportunities to utilise this network to increase your organisation’s visibility. 

A new way to develop your staff.

Partnering with us offers your staff the chance to develop new skills in a way that no work experience can. 

Nothing boosts team morale like working towards something to help others. Why not combine your team-building and charitable activities into one?

The challenges our families face

Families who come to Home-Start struggle with:


  • Low self-esteem: 85% of families
  • Poor parental mental health: 91% of families
  • Loneliness & isolation: 81% of families
  • Financial worries: 77% of families
  • Managing child behaviour: 71% of families
  • 43% never or rarely took daily exercise during lockdown

How we support families with these challenges

  • We provide 1-2-1 early years support (0-5 years old)
  • We provide tailored perinatal support
  • We host a mum and baby support group
  • We teach financial literacy
  • We host family groups and classes

In 2020-21, we supported 425 local families, with 747 children benefitting.

Read more about the impact we had in our communities in 2020-21 here.

Charlotte’s story

“It seems that a lot of the medical care for mental health is focused on helping people once they reach crisis point, but I think Home-Start helps prevent people reaching that point.”

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Charlotte was referred to Home-Start by the local perinatal team following the birth of her second child. She was offered 1-2-1 support with Lucy, a social work placement student volunteer with Home-Start.

“I felt [Lucy] was a safety net. After the other support started being scaled back, it was good to know that there was still someone there who was paying attention to me, who was truly listening to me, who had me in mind.”

After Lucy’s placement ended, Charlotte opted not to have a second volunteer, but to join the online Mum and Baby Support group.

Every time I attend the group, I come away feeling better. It makes me feel less isolated.”

She still attends the group every Thursday.

How your support could help

  • £325 pays for one Home-Start family to attend a term of weekly Home from Home group sessions
  • £690 pays for one family to attend 12 x online counselling sessions with a trained Home-Start counsellor
  • £1,500 is the cost for Home-Start to support a family for 6 months

Our partnership tiers start from as little as £100/month.

Learn more about our tiers here.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to improve the lives of parents and children in your local area.

Because childhood can’t wait.