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Support Services

Parenting programmes & workshops

Do you need support?

Our available parenting programmes vary throughout the year in response to the needs of our families.

We often run parenting programme like Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme)  in community venues. Our workshops are designed for mums, dads and carers to learn and practice new ways to develop the relationship with their child. The groups encourage parents to set their own goals and to try out strategies learnt in the group sessions. Parents choose ideas and use strategies that suit their own family needs.

Previous programmes have included: Strengthening Families,
Strengthening Communities (SFSC), Family Links, Incredible Years, Mellow Parenting, Triple P Teens, and Triple P Special Educational Needs (SEN), Share Plus, the AVA Community Group Programme, and the Freedom Programme.

If you would like to book a parenting programme at your venue or for a particular audience, please contact us.